Legal Clinic

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless works to end the unnecessary suffering caused by poverty and advocates for justice for people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless in Washington, DC.

They envision a just and inclusive community.

Since their founding in 1986, the Legal Clinic has become a principal force in protecting the rights of homeless and other low-income people here in the District of Columbia through a unique combination of direct representation, class action litigation, policy and budget advocacy, and community outreach and organizing.

Their goal: to bring an end to homelessness by improving the programs, benefits, resources and opportunities available to people challenged by the effects of poverty.

The Legal Clinic has opened more than 25,000 individual client matters including:

  • wrongful evictions and shelter terminations
  • applications for public assistance and subsidized housing
  • credit and other consumer matters
  • veterans benefits
  • discrimination, probate, health and mental health>
  • impounded property
  • family law cases

In large measure thier cases are handled by their network of nearly 200 lawyers and paralegals who volunteer at one of seven intake sites.

Last year, the Clinic leveraged over $4.7 million in donated legal services.

They work to develop and advance strategies to lift up the voices of our clients so that they have meaningful input in the decisions that affect their lives.

These are difficult times, to be sure, and they are called to be faithful companions to our homeless neighbors as they seek to end the injustices that keep them anchored in poverty.

The unfailing generosity of our many supporters has allowed the clinic, without hesitation, to respond to that call.